Our 4 regional technology halls (including 1 FoodLab)

Thanks to our networking and partnerships, we can offer you an innovative industrial and technological park, with 4 technology halls (including 1 FoodLab) in the region. Our pilot equipment enables you to carry out trials and pre-production runs up to semi-industrial scale.


4 regional sites at your disposal

Our 4 technology halls are located in :

On site, you benefit from the advice and expertise of our technicians and engineers tooptimize your manufacturing processes.

FoodLab Beauvais

From product preparation to packaging

This equipment, owned by the CTCPA or made available by our partners, allows you to carry out your tests on the entire production and packaging cycle of the product:

  • mixing and separation: beaters, grinders, cutters, cube makers, mixers, sieves, Morton test mixer, rotary cookie maker
  • transfer: double piston and screw pumps, peristaltic pumps, pigtails, centrifuges, launching tanks
  • cooking and fermentation: blancher, cooking cell, ovens (forced air/steam, deck, pint), cooking pots
  • heat treatment in the final packaging: multiprocess, microflow, rotary, static autoclaves, sterilizer
  • continuous heat treatment: plate, annualized, scraped surface, tubular exchangers, two ohmic heating lines, one continuous microwave heat treatment line
  • cooling, freezing, deep-freezing: freezing cell, quick cooling cell, deep-freezing cell
  • filling and packaging: crimping machines, trays, capping machines, vacuum/gas packaging machines, aseptic isolators
  • analysis equipment: compressometer, eclatometer, O2 and water vapor permeameters
  • dehydration: fluidized bed dryer, cylinder dryer, atomization tower
  • various equipment: calibration bath, concentration ball, glycol water plant, 2 high pressure pilots (3L and 50L), pulsed light pilot, vacuum pump

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Analytical equipment for your quality and food safety tests

  • AWmeter
  • crimping control bench
  • fiber optic temperature monitoring system
  • temperature and pressure wire set
  • farinograph
  • GC/FID
  • GCMS thermofinnigan, HS/SPME equipped
  • LCMS / MS
  • microGC
  • on-board sensors (non-radio frequency) temperature / pressure
  • texturometer
  • thermoresistometer

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