Collective and collaborative research with the CTCPA

A majority of the CTCPA's research is conducted as part of the center's collective and collaborative research. The projects are chosen and followed by the nationals. They are financed by the assigned tax and can be the subject of grants on European, national and regional calls for projects. Access the results of research over the last 5 years at the bottom of the page. Find all our results on your national space.


Collective actions at the CTCPA

  • Collective action program - R&D

Each year, the CTCPA publishes the collective action program for the coming year.
Download the 2022 program on your national space.

  • Call for collective projects

Each year, the CTCPA's industrial members are solicited by the Scientific Department to prepare the program of collective actions. The priority directions are defined for the center by the contract of objectives and performance 2021-2024.
Download thecall for project 2022.


Research under agreement

The CTCPA is regularly involved in research projects under agreement with various French and European organizations and institutions. These projects are realized with technical and scientific partners, as well as companies.

  • European projects

Thanks to its network of international experts, the CTCPA is involved in research projects of European scope. These projects, co-financed by the European Union, involve many partners from all over Europe and companies on a given theme.

  • Projects co-financed by departmental and interdepartmental funds 

As an agri-food technical institute, the CTCPA is brought to collaborate on projects presented in the framework of the calls for projects of the National Research Agency (ANR). These are each time ambitious scientific projects involving many technical and scientific partners.

The CTCPA is also involved in national projects co-financed by the Fonds unique interministériel (FUI). These projects are submitted by the competitiveness clusters after labelling by the clusters.

  • The Filière projects

The CTCPA also collaborates with industry structures (technical centers, unions, inter-professions) on research projects. These research projects are then conducted in close partnership with the actors of the sector.

  • Regional projects

The CTCPA regularly works with regional partners to set up and monitor collaborative research projects. They also include research centers and companies.