The CTCPA at the service
of its members

The CTCPA is an industrial technical center commissioned by the State and governed by the Research Code. As such, it carries out a mission of general interest thanks to the tax paid by the French manufacturers of canned and dehydrated products.

"As a national of the CTCPA, you are fully involved in the decisions related to our collective actions."
- Anne-Gaëlle Mellouët, Director of the Mission of General Interest

For 70 years, our professionals have trusted us, we work for them and with them to develop innovations and solutions for the food models of tomorrow.


Who is a national
of the CTCPA?

Companies manufacturing canned or dehydrated products in France are obliged to be members of the CTCPA (amended finance law n°2003-1312 of 30 December 2003). The products subject to the TFA are defined by decree of March 10, 2004.

You can then take advantage of the services offered by the CTCPA as soon as you file your first sales declaration: FAQ Support for nationals

Depending on the nature of the products you produce, your canning activity may lead you to become a member of the CTCPA (Technical Center for the Preservation of Agricultural Products), in accordance with Article 72 of the Amending Finance Act of 2003 (No. 2003-1312 of December 30, 2003), and to benefit from its technical support.
Your company will then be subject to the tax assigned for the development of the industry of the conservation of agricultural products, a compulsory tax for any company manufacturing products subject to it, the amount of which is calculated according to the turnover (and if this turnover exceeds a ceiling of 33 333 € per year for products of animal origin and 16 666 € for vegetable products.


Our different missions
for the industry and for your company

The CTCPA is the privileged interlocutor of its members. We offer a number of services provided by our multidisciplinary teams:

  • Realization of collective action programs, internal and partnership research projects,
  • Transfer and valorisation to companies,
  • Representation and defense of the profession in national and international bodies,
  • Elaboration and follow-up of professional codes of practice(CTCPA decisions),
  • Business support, technical and regulatory question and answer service,
  • International scientific and technological watch.

You can obtain advice and assistance from the CTCPA technical services. You will benefit from the following services:

  • A free subscription to the CT-Contact newsletter (quarterly for very small businesses) and Prométhiaa (monthly - Documentary watch);
  • Information on the evolution of the CTCPA Decisions (standards for the manufacture of canned products - as a reference for control services)
  • Technical and regulatory support from our Documentation Department
  • Free and privileged access to CTCPA publications (research reports and guides)
  • A special access on our website only with a password

A file will be established when your activity is launched.

You are already a national? Go directly to your space.


Customized support
for all players in the agri-food industry

Our role goes much further.
Thanks to our unique and cutting-edge technologies, our multiple in-house skills and our coverage of the entire national territory, we offer a complete range of services and support to all players in the food industry, from start-ups to large industrial groups.

With 70 years of experience, we have developed our tools and expertise to support the food transition in a sustainable way. We continue to expand our skills and technology to anticipate the needs of our customers and consumers.


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