Agri-food auditing and consulting: Customized support

If you wish to benefit from an expertise encompassing multiple fields of experience, in a service adapted to your needs and your budget, ourauditing,coaching and consulting services are 100% flexible and are carried out on your site or in our offices. With our 360 degree vision of the food industry, we bring you our knowledge and experience in product and process development, product quality, food safety, industrial and environmental performance and packaging.


Our types of agri-food audit and consulting

Food safety audit

  • Preparation for IFS, BRC, ISO/FSSC 22000 certification
  • Fight against food fraud, prevention and management of malicious acts, implementation of the food safety culture
  • Microbiology (line audit...)
  • Cleaning and disinfection

Audit in product and process development

  • Audit of furnaces

Packaging audit

  • Dossier alimentarity
  • Packaging system

Sustainable development audit

  • Industrial performance audit
  • Energy diagnosis
  • eco-design
  • Carbon footprint
  • Life cycle analysis

Our auditing, consulting and support services include

  • diagnoses
  • certification preparation audits
  • exchanges with teams and councils
  • of the training
  • on-site and/or remote support via videoconferencing

From project owner to large group

Whatever the size of your company, our coaching is adapted to your needs and your means! Whether you are a project leader, a start-up, a small business, an SME, an ETO, a food group... there is a perfect support formula for you and our project managers adapt to meet your expectations.

The CTCPA is composed of more than 35 project managers and 20 technical trainers with complementary expertise:

Discover all our training courses on our dedicated page.


An understanding of your issues based on our experience

At the CTCPA, we believe incollective intelligence. We have developed a community approach that encourages synergies, creativity and innovation. We feed ourselves with the exchanges and expectations of our clients, for whom we create dedicated teams in order to offer them a customized service.

Our status as a technical center, our presence in various bodies and our partnerships with various competitiveness clusters, our experience of more than 70 years in the agri-food field allow us today to assert our mastery in several areas of expertise.

By choosing the CTCPA as a partner for your food audit and consultancy, you benefit from the experience of a technical center that accompanies both very small companies and large groups, and that knows how to transpose experiences from one sector to another.

An external opinion to help you move forward with your project

By calling upon the CTCPA, you benefit from an expertise, a neutral external vision helping you to take a step back and federate your teams around your project. We think and design, with you, the action plans, the rhythm of the interventions, the schedules... in a concern of coherence, and obviously, of success.

A dedicated project manager and internal experts for a tailor-made service

Each support is led by an experienced project manager selected for his knowledge of your product family. He will call upon all the internal resources of the CTCPA to cross the solutions: product, process, packaging, nutrition, microbiology experts... Your project manager is the guarantor of the quality of the results obtained and the deadlines. He remains your interlocutor during the whole duration of the support.

The expertise cell

When you are facing a more complex problem or when you want to define a study strategy, and before launching into action, call upon our expertise cell. Several experts of the CTCPA meet with you and study your project at 360 degrees to deliver their opinion and their advice on the key points to investigate and the technological tracks to test. The expertise team can rely on a bibliographic research conducted by the CTCPA itself.

A guarantee of confidentiality

Our exchanges take place in the strictest confidence. Our teams are subject to a duty of reserve known and applied by everyone.

Our difference: agility

While each coaching proposal is formalized to frame your project, we remain agile throughout the duration of the service, with the objective of achieving results. You commit to your project phase by phase, which allows you to keep total control of it. Together, we adapt the protocols according to the results obtained.