Our agri-food certifications

The CTCPA is designated by the DGAL as a reference center for the establishment and validation of heat treatment scales. It is also holder of several national agri-food certifications.


Agro Industrial Technical Institute (ITAI)

The CTCPA is qualified ITAI by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. It is therefore a member of the ACTIA network.
The ITAI are research, expertise, information, training and support organizations at the service of companies.

They are characterized by:

- a complete range of tailor-made services for companies
- multidisciplinary teams of experts and high quality technical facilities
- activities recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food


Industrial Technical Centers (ITC) Network

We are a member of the Industrial Technical Centers network, the leading technological development network in France, with 16 members and 2,445 employees. A real pool of skills and expertise in 120 industrial sectors, the CTI network is also a tool for sharing skills and innovation. Today, 19,000 companies are supported by the CTI network.



The Bourg-en-Bresse laboratory of the CTCPA is accredited by COFRAC for analysis activities in the food industry / contact materials for evaporable simulants. This accreditation guarantees the competence and impartiality of our technical center in its laboratory analyses.
(COFRAC Essais sous référentiel NF EN ISO/CEI 17025, Accreditation n° 1-5328, scope available on www.cofrac.fr).


Technology Resource Center (TRC).

The CTCPA is a member of the French Association of Technology Resource Centers (AFCRT).
Our site in Auch is labelled CRT by the Ministry of Research and Education. It is thus recognized for its capacity to bring to its customers and nationals an answer adapted to their objectives, and to propose customized services on innovative projects.


Research Tax Credit (CIR)

By choosing the CTCPA to accompany you in your Research and Development projects, you can benefit from the Research Tax Credit under certain conditions, detailed on the official website.


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