Expert in food packaging

The CTCPA has acquired an expertise in the field of food packaging. The laboratory of Bourg-en-Bresse is specially dedicated to this activity. We participate in research programs and offer private services of analysis and optimization of products packaging.


Foodstuffs in packaging

The analytical laboratory of Bourg-en-Bresse is dedicated to the analysis of container-content interactions.

Within our laboratory, our actions concern :

  • the development of simplified conformity assessment tools
  • support for the implementation of regulations
  • contribution to the research of new materials and/or processes
  • Supporting agri-food companies in a safeconception approach.

Packaging functionality

The Bourg-en-Bresse site also has a laboratory for characterizing the functional properties of packaging. We carry out analysis of permeability, watertightness and mechanical behaviour.

Our actions concern :

  • support for food industry players and packaging manufacturers through consulting and diagnostic actions
  • contribution to the research of new materials and processes more adapted to the requirements of food quality
  • the deepening of the procedures of evaluation of the DLUO
  •  improvement of the characterization tools of the packaging/product pairs.

Research of innovative materials

Our research department, dedicated to innovative materials, conducts projects for the development of new products, combining food quality requirements, chemical and microbiological risk control, and minimizing the environmental impact of the packaging-product pair.

To support your projects, we rely on 3 pillars of material innovation:

  • the functional design of packaging, for better food quality and control of microbiological risk
  • eco-design of the packaging-product pair, to reduce environmental impacts
  • the safety design of packaging, to control chemical risks.