Our core business: food quality and safety

Although new consumption patterns and environmental management issues are leading us to evolve our areas of intervention, we remain focused on our core business: support for the profession, attractiveness of the sector and food safety


Ensuring food safety

As a technical center, we guarantee that processes are kept safe from microbiological and chemical risks.
Our mission is to

Private support for agri-food companies.

Representation and support for the profession

By its status as an organization mandated by the State, the CTCPA has a role of representation of the food industry with the French and European public authorities, by participation in committees. We also have a role of technological and regulatory monitoring and dissemination of information to the whole sector. Finally, we provide technical support in the event of a crisis, whether it is individual to a company or more general, linked to a profession.


Strengthen the attractiveness of the industry

Our mission also includes strengthening the attractiveness of the heat treatment professions, and more generally of the professions in the agri-food industry.
We are working to revisit training paths by modernizing the tools in order to accommodate new skill profiles.