Confidentiality and reserve

Because of our status, we have a strict confidentiality policy, known and applied by all our employees. By choosing the CTCPA, you are assured of the confidentiality of all the data you entrust to us. Please read our deontological charter.


Principle of confidentiality

The CTCPA is very demanding to protect confidentiality. Subject to particular cases, the results of each study that we carry out, as soon as it is financed by a company or an interprofession, remain the property of the commissioning organization. The latter decides on their purpose and use.

This property applies:

- without limitation of duration
- without possibility of further exploitation or publication by the CTCPA, except by express request or agreement of the customer

The CTCPA remains the owner of the data and information resulting from studies carried out in the framework of its public interest mission, as well as of all its past intellectual property (IP) (before the launching of a collective or private study). IP being a complex matter, for any question or clarification please contact us.

We commit ourselves not to mention the object of the contacts we have with our customers. Unless you object(general conditions of sale), your name may be mentioned in our commercial references.


Duty of reserve of the personnel

The CTCPA staff is subject to a duty of confidentiality regarding information relating to companies with which it is in commercial or contractual contact. This duty of confidentiality applies to:

- studies
- information on the company's knowledge and know-how
- the client's orientations, organization and operation.

This duty of reserve applies without limitation of time, including beyond the duration of the employment contract of the CTCPA employees.



Internal rules of confidentiality and reserve are defined, posted and known by all staff. They concern :

- partitioning, archiving and protection of information whatever the medium
- conditions of access and rules of visit of the CTCPA premises
- circulation, anonymity and storage of the products submitted to the tests
- diffusion of the complete or partial results
- behaviour to adopt towards customers and suppliers.