Our 3 food analysis laboratories

We have developed a unique expertise in the fields of microbiology, nutritional quality and packaging. Our 3 food analysis laboratories located in Avignon and Bourg-en-Bresse allow us to have the best human skills and high-performance technical tools to carry out public studies and to accompany food companies in their development projects.


The microbiology laboratory in Avignon

Our food microbiology laboratory is involved in national and international research projects in collaboration with public research organizations (INRA, IRD, Oniris...).

We have developed an expertise in microbial ecology, spore resistance to treatments, food processing for canning.

We are specialized in microbiology applied to foie gras.

Our microbiology laboratory has a unique collection of microorganisms and bacterial spores of more than 5000 isolates of microorganisms from industrial environments.

We also intervene in specific projects ordered by our customers. We accompany you in particular in :

  • validation of the shelf life of products
  • management of a non-stability
  • the manufacture of artisanal preserves.

We carry out line audits, directly on site, in order to characterize spoilage microorganisms, identify their entry, accumulation and multiplication points, and validate the cleaning processes and disinfectants used.

In our laboratories, we carry out "challenge tests" on your products or processes. These consist in the voluntary inoculation of a micro-organism in a food matrix, in order to evaluate its growth potential during its conservation in normal conditions or on an open product.


Nutritional quality laboratory in Avignon

Our laboratory is equipped with the main equipment necessary for the analytical development and nutritional characterization of food products.

We support you in optimizing the nutritional quality of your products and improving your nutriscore:

  • creation or revision of your product formulation
  • sourcing of ingredients
  • organoleptic tests
  • realization of samples in connection with our technical halls
  • technical-economic study allowing to optimize the investment costs and the industrial cost price.

Our laboratory in Avignon is also the only one in France to work on the polyphenolic characterization of propolis and honey.


Chemistry and packaging laboratory in Bourg-en-Bresse

We have developed a unique expertise in France in the treatment of packaging. We accompany you in particular on :

  • permeability and gas transfer
  • migration and organoleptic inertia tests
  • the search for traces, the composition of materials
  • alimentarity
  • functionality testing
  • prediction of lifetimes
  • sealing
  • mechanical and physical performance
  • identification and control of multilayers
  • thermal, thermomechanical and rheological properties
  • analyses specific to metal cans

We support you in your approach to reducing environmental impacts: minimization, eco-design, recyclability, reuse, reduction of thickness.

Our expertise goes beyond the food sector, as we also assist companies in the cosmetics and medical sectors in studies related to the packaging of their products.