Monitoring and Documentation Centre

As an organization mandated by the State, we have a role of monitoring and disseminating information relating to the agri-food sector. We also provide documentation and synthesis services for our clients.

Monitoring and dissemination of information in the agri-food sector

Our experts are constantly monitoring the latest news on technologies, risks, nutrition and regulations in scientific and technical food journals, databases, government sites,Afnor and Internet resources. These elements are reported in the bimonthly letter Regulation-Quality-Nutrition-Environment ADEPALE CTCPA and the newsletter Promethiaa, distributed free to our members.

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The CTCPA Decisions, codes of practice specifying the characteristics and names of about fifty canned products, can be downloaded:

  • list of CTCPA decisions
  • general provisions for canned vegetables
  • analytical sheets for canned vegetables
  • decrees relating to the official methods of analysis of preparations based on foie gras

Finally, the CTCPA provides its members and clients with a set of publications: electronic newsletters, activity reports, guides:

  • Good Maintenance Practices Guide - 2005
  • Good practice guide for the establishment and validation of heat treatments - 2005
  • Best Available Technology Application Guide - Canned Meat and Produce
  • Recommendations for the use and selection of metal boxes
  • Guide to Good Hygienic Practices for canning equipment (IT 238) .
  • Practical guide for the tasting of dried and smoked duck breasts - January 2006
  • Practical guide to sensory evaluation - Application to foie gras products - March 2005
  • Guide to good hygiene practices for the foie gras palmiped industry (slaughter, cutting, processing stages for artisans and farm workshops)
  • Guide of good hygiene practices "Cooked dishes".

All these guides are available on the Citizens' Area or on the Documentation Française website for non-citizens.

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We answer your questions

Our experts answer your questions online about :

- all the decisions of the CTCPA
- the regulations applicable in our field of activity
- technical aspects.

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Our personalized documentary services

We carry out, for you, documentary research, bibliographic syntheses and technological or specific regulatory monitoring.
For this, we rely on :

- the FSTA international documentary database
- our internal database focused on food preservation: more than 18,000 references.

The provision of documents can be offered as an option.