Agri-food testing and pre-production: from formulation... to packaging

Do you have R&D, testing, pre-production and packaging needs? Our 4 technological halls are real spaces dedicated to your specific needs. Our teams will welcome you in our food processing halls to carry out the tests that will enable us to define your optimal process, from both a technical and economic point of view.


A complete offer in our technology halls

We offer you :

  • Pilot tests on a technology
  • Comparative tests of several technologies
  • Studies of conservation and preservation of your products (impact of the processes...)
  • Product characterization (color, texture, microbiology, micronutrients...)
  • Development and improvement of your processes
  • The development of prototypes or products
  • Improving your existing revenues
  • Technology and skills transfer
  • Technology watch

You will be able to test all types of preparation technologies (cooking, extraction, concentration...), packaging (aseptic or classic, tray, bag, doypack...) and preservation (cold, hot, physical, chemical, combinations and hurdles...)

Thanks to our equipment, we are able to reproduce the vast majority of manufacturing processes currently existing in the food industry, excluding cheese technology and alcoholic fermentation, including aseptic.

More than material, we also provide you with advice. You are wondering which process to use to manufacture your products? Is it better to use an innovative or classic technology? Our experts answer your questions to help you in your product and process development.


Our network of territory with a pilot equipment

Our 4 technology halls are located in the French regions: Avignon (halle du CTCPA), Nantes (halle d'Oniris), Beauvais(FoodLab) and Auch (Plateforme du CRITT-CTCPA).

Each one has pilot equipment to carry out tests and pre-series on conventional pilots, from the preparation of the product to its packaging.

Some of our halls are equipped with innovative equipment that allows us to carry out tests on a semi-industrial scale: ohmic heating, microwaves, high pressure, pulsed light.