Laboratory analysis

Our agri-food analyses are carried out in-house, in our 4 laboratories: microbiology, nutritional quality, characterization of the functional properties of packaging and characterization of container-content interactions. The CTCPA is not just a laboratory, it's an industrial technical center. Advice and expertise are an integral part of our services. We help you interpret the results, and offer recommendations and possible solutions, taking into account your specific situation (production conditions, product characteristics, etc.) thanks to our global technical approach. Download the List of analyses (biochemistry laboratory).


Our analysis services

Microbiology analyses

In our microbiology laboratory, we deal with:
- The control of microbiological risk in the food industry at each stage of production
- The ecology of industrial production lines and cleaning&disinfection
- The characterization of microorganisms: physiology and impact of processes
- The behavior of microorganisms in food: challenge-test
- The specificity of the process of canned food
- The specificity of the process of pasteurized foie gras

Nutritional quality analysis

These analyses concern:
- Nutritional and physico-chemical characterization of products
- Customized analytical development
- Impact and optimization of processes
- Nutritional labeling and regulation n°1169/2011 INCO (support and advice on communication)

Our laboratory is specialized in the analysis of honey and propolis products as well as algae and micro-algae.

Packaging analysis

Our two packaging laboratories deal with:
- The physico-chemical characterization of materials / packaging
- The alimentarity of packaging
- The development of packaging and the assistance in the choice
- The eco-design of packaging
- The packaging and the life span
- The diagnostics of packaging defects

To learn more about packaging analysis, visit our dedicated website.


Quality and accreditation

The CTCPA packaging laboratory in Bourg-en-Bresse is Cofrac accredited and meets the requirements of NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 version 2017 for analytical activities in the food industry/materials in contact with evaporable simulants(COFRAC Essais sous référentiel NF EN ISO/CEI 17025, Accréditation n° 1-5328, scope available at Accreditation attests to the technical competence of a testing laboratory to perform specific tasks. It provides a guarantee that results are obtained using validated methods and procedures that comply with precise standards.

Our laboratories are equipped with the best equipment and tools for the realization of analyses and the high professional skills of our collaborators.


Improve your competitiveness

The technical activities of R&D and analysis using the tools of the CTCPA contribute to improve the competitiveness of companies. Thanks to an innovative equipment park and to the high skills of our doctors, engineers and technicians, we are able to reproduce industrial conditions and/or to use high performance analytical materials.

Our analytical expertise services meet the needs of companies in terms of product and process improvement, product quality, sustainable development and environmental protection.

To go further, we go as far as interpreting the results to provide you with recommendations and corrective actions.

Our analytical services can also accompany you in case of crisis, in order to help you overcome possible difficulties and to accompany you in the implementation of the procedures to be applied.