Health security

Thanks to the experience acquired over more than fifty years and the involvement of companies in the choices of research and development, we have developed several research areas at the heart of the problems of agri-food companies. Among these areas, strengthening food safety is one of our priority themes.


Microbiology of the spores

Our objectives are to be a reference center on spoilage spore products, to continue collaborations, to maintain fruitful exchanges between branches and transversal centers, to publish two scientific articles per year.

Our microbiology laboratory located in Avignon has significant equipment, as well as a unique collection of microorganisms and bacterial spores of more than 800 isolates of microorganisms from industrial environments.


Foodstuffs in packaging

Our objectives are to accompany the nationals using the packaging, to be the laboratory of the profession on the materials in contact with food, to continue the collaborative exchanges, to publish a scientific article per year, to participate in one or two collaborative projects per year.

Our two laboratories dedicated to packaging are located in Bourg-en-Bresse and are specialized in the qualification of packaging functionalities and content/container interactions.