Better together: collective intelligence and agility as drivers of development

At the CTCPA, we believe that collective intelligence fosters creativity and innovation through the sharing of ideas, skills, motivations and commitments. We are always on the lookout for new consumer trends, and it is our clients' feedback that drives us to continually adapt and establish a relationship based on exchange and interaction.


Listening to the market and consumers

Today more than ever, consumption patterns are becoming more engaged. Beyond a product that meets a need and whatever the sector of activity, we are now buying an experience, a brand universe, a lifestyle.
In parallel, scoring tools and digital and social media are now an integral part of the purchasing process.

By constantly observing market expectations and in connection with the regulatory measures in which we are fully involved, our role in communicating to the general public about the activities of the agri-food industry is fundamental to maintaining consumer confidence.


Drawing on the experience of our customers

Because we work with start-ups and very small companies as well as the largest agri-food groups, we turn each customer experience into an opportunity for development and evolution.
It is this agility that allows us to adapt so easily to market changes and to provide a tailor-made response to the expectations and constraints of our customers, in direct relation to consumer demands.


Technological networks to cultivate collective intelligence

Finally, we owe our agility to the involvement of the men and women of the CTCPA in networks and partners throughout the industry, allowing us to actively monitor technological developments and to enrich our knowledge through feedback. The implementation of this community operation encouraging synergies also encourages the development of projects and the blossoming of the teams.


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