As an industrial technical center financed in part by the tax on preserved and dehydrated food products, the CTCPA is subject to governance under the authority of public authorities.


Legal status of the center
technical industrial CTCPA

The Technical Center for the Preservation of Agricultural Products was created by decree on October 11, 1950, within the framework of the law n°48-1228 of July 22, 1948 fixing the legal status of the industrial technical centers, in order to encourage innovation among professionals in the canning and dehydrated sector.

Since January 1, 2004, the CTCPA has benefited from an assigned tax (Loi de finances rectificative pour 2003, n° 2003-13 12 du 30 décembre 2003 - article 72) due by nationals, manufacturers established in France, of preserved and dehydrated food products.

Governed by the Research Code (Articles L.521-1 to L.521-13 of the Research Code (RC) created by Ordinance No. 2014-135 of February 17, 2014), the CTCPA is, in its capacity as an Industrial Technical Center (ITC), a public utility institution in charge of missions of general interest. Its activity is controlled by a government commissioner, from the Ministry of Agriculture (DGPE), and a general controller, from the State's economic and financial control mission.

The list of products and preservation processes subject to the CTCPA tax is set by the order of May 10, 2004. These are products of vegetable or animal origin processed by the techniques of appertization or dehydration.


Mode of governance

As an industrial technical center, the CTCPA is governed by a Board of Directors which appoints a Director General and delegates to him all the powers necessary for the management of the Center. This appointment must be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The Board of Directors is composed of:
- representatives of company managers;
- representatives of technical personnel in the relevant industry;
- representatives of higher technical education;
- particularly competent individuals either from the relevant industry or from the users.

The directors are appointed for 3 years by order of the Ministry. The Board of Directors takes decisions and orientations concerning the operation of the technical center and its missions. This board is invested with the general powers of administration of the center.