Cleaning, disinfection and
hygienic design

The CTCPA is proactive in the cleaning-disinfection process. Through its participation in the RMT Chleannetwork, the research projects it has conducted and its training courses, the CTCPA is aware of new techniques and new cleaning-disinfection solutions. Our certified specialists, members of the EHEDG, come to your company to help you in your projects of creation of new workshop or optimization of existing line.


CIP (Cleaning in Place) design

We accompany you, from the drafting of specifications to the qualification of existing cleaning lines.

We can define the expected functions, analyze the technical proposals of your suppliers, propose evolutions, participate in the qualification of the CIP, or audit its efficiency.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of cleaning operations

We make an inventory of your cleaning:

  • Methodology
  • Application
  • Cleanability of equipment
  • Verification of cleaning and disinfection.

We then propose improvements according to your objectives: microbiological, allergens, energy saving,...

Follow the link for additional information on line and cleaning assessment.


Qualifying training CQP
Qualified Industrial Cleaning Workers (OQNI)

We help you to increase the reliability of cleaning and disinfection. From employee training to anticipating your future projects, our teams help you develop, maintain and transmit skills within your teams.

The CQP Qualified Industrial Cleaning Worker training course is a qualifying course, sanctioned by an official document attesting to the skills specific to the job held and actually achieved. The evaluation of acquired skills is carried out on the basis of a reference system adapted to the specificities of your company.

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Hygienic design and training

We train your teams (Quality, R&D, purchasing, new works, production, cleaning, maintenance, designers, etc.) in the hygienic design of equipment and production lines.

This training focuses on the criteria for hygienic design according to current standards and the benefits that result from their application: reduction of microbial contamination, reduction of cleaning time, water and energy savings, durability of equipment, gain in product quality.

It is an à la carte training, adapted to your teams, your equipment and your cleaning and disinfection methods. The exercises are carried out in real situations on your production lines and/or on current or future equipment plans.


Hygienic design and
diagnosis of production lines

We carry out diagnostics of your production lines from the point of view of the hygienic design of the equipment and from the microbiological point of view.

Our experts intervene either when your production lines have a microbial contamination concern, or when you need to renew or modify equipment or premises.

Our expertise leads to the detection of critical points on your production lines, to advice on the modification of equipment, premises and even cleaning protocols.

Possible benefits:

  • reduction of microbial contamination
  • improving your productivity
  • reduction of cleaning and disinfection times
  • water and detergent savings
  • increase the durability of the material.

Hygienic design and
equipment design support

We support equipment manufacturers in assessing the degree of hygienic design of equipment according to international and European standards and recommendations. This support must allow the improvement of the equipment's cleanability to avoid product retention, the presence of biofilms and other microbial contamination.