DDM and DLC: shelf life prediction

In order to help you determine the Minimum Durability Dates, MDD and SLED of your products, we simulate in accelerated conditions all the physical constraints of temperature, humidity and light to which the product will be subjected. We have also developed an accelerated oxygen pressure aging test for products stored at room temperature.


Aging tests

Video - Accelerated aging explained in 2 minutes

The life of a product depends on its initial characteristics, environmental conditions and the performance of its packaging.

Microbiologically unstable products are subjected to a well-defined process for determining the use-by date. The test consists of simulating a break in the cold chain followed by storage in refrigerated "consumer" conditions.

Other products are not subject to a determination protocol. It is therefore up to the manufacturer to determine the lifetime of his product: a challenge when the MDDs are long, since it is not possible to carry out tests over several years!

In this sense, we accompany you in this process thanks to the realization of accelerated aging tests best adapted to the characteristics of your products, by targeting their critical mechanisms of degradation:

  • temperature aging
  • light aging
  • aging in a humid environment
  • aging under oxygen pressure

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