Optimize industrial processes and solve problems

Beyond the organization of activities, your performance is directly linked to the mastery of your products, your processes and your packaging. Technology is one of the keys to your success, a lever for action. And it is our job to help you improve your industrial processes.


Oven audits, audits and diagnostics on industrial sites

Entrust us with your process audits to support their technical performance.

You wish to better understand the operation of your continuous furnaces? We propose you an audit realized by a multidisciplinary team CTCPA/CETIAT.

We write a report with all the punctual measurements in the form of energy, aeraulic and power balances.
We also analyze your maps.
We provide you with recommendations for furnace settings and energy optimization, with investment advice if necessary.


Audits and diagnostics of workshop technical performance

We offer you diagnostics of your production lines. Our specialists will come to you to make an assessment, give you recommendations and provide you with an action plan to improve the technical performance of your products / processes / packaging:

  • formulation optimization
  • material yields
  • optimum manufacturing parameters
  • packaging
  • or to solve malfunctions.

Hygienic design / optimization of cleaning and disinfection

Optimal hygienic design reduces cleaning and disinfection time and frequency.

Our certified specialists, members of theEHEDG, come to your company to help you in your projects of creation of a new workshop or optimization of an existing line.

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Heat treatment optimization

Optimize your heat treatment schedules to improve the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of your products, reduce processing times and decrease energy consumption.

We have developed the Stéri'Opt®* software for optimizing heat treatment schedules, which also offers classic or innovative variable-temperature schedules that allow you to achieve your objectives according to your constraints.

*The CTCPA has developed an innovative software to optimize heat treatment schedules. It takes into account different constraints (cooking value at core, surface, treatment time) and is able to propose multi-calibre schedules to reduce the cooking effect of the heat treatment.

A software able to optimize a sterilization or pasteurization schedule on different criteria, and to propose variable temperature schedules

7 possible optimization criteria:
- processing time
- processing temperature
- sterilization value
- core cooking value
- average cooking value
- surface cooking value
- cooking uniformity (Vc surface / Vc core)

2 main applications:
- Optimization of a classical scale
- Calculation and optimization of a variable temperature scale

The CTCPA offers you a global optimization approach:
- Analysis of your current scales
- Definition of optimization criteria and constraints, according to your specifications and your production tool, according to the sensitivity of your product
- Calculation of an optimized heat treatment with the STERI'OPT software - the software is only available at the CTCPA
- Application of the optimized scales in a technological hall and industrial transfer