Reduction of the environmental impact
of the packaging and the packaged food

Reducing the environmental impact of a package can, in some cases, contribute to a decrease in its performance and thus contribute to food waste. By conducting life cycle analyses and technical tests, we help you find the best environmental compromise without sacrificing the performance of your packaging.


Minimize "direct" environmental impacts

Before being waste to be recycled, packaging is a tool for preserving products and limiting their waste.

The environmental performance of packaging is therefore a delicate element to evaluate: is the packaging oversized or can its conservation performance contribute to a better minimization of waste?

The "direct" environmental impacts of oversized or unsuitable packaging must be minimized by designing packaging that is more recyclable, reducing thickness, or integrating biobased and recycled materials.

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A proportionate evaluation

For the quantitative evaluation of the environmental impacts, we propose means proportionate to your needs:

  • Use of internal indicators
  • Simplified impact quantification tools
  • Developed life cycle assessment (LCA) tools.