Agri-food industrialization: invest in the right technology at the right price

Choosing the processes and technologies that meet your needs and constraints is a major issue for your profitability. Our engineers specialized in industrialization team up with you until the start of production to define or redefine your lines, technically and economically.


Workshop design (premises, flows...)

Gain in productivity, ensure the safety of your food and compliance with standards. We carry out a study of plans and give you a list of recommendations on the organization of your premises: material flow, personnel, waste.


Technical and financial feasibility study

We accompany you to consolidate your business plan on the financial and technical aspects of your project:

  • Definition of equipment needs and estimation of investment costs
  • Definition of building space requirements through an industrial master plan
  • Budgetary outline of the construction or restructuring of a building with the help of a specialized engineering firm
  • Approach to production personnel costs

Industrialization study, from master plan to project management assistance

Our accompaniment takes place in several stages:

1. Investment decision support
- Definition of the process scheme and parameters
- Research of solutions and realization of technical specifications
- Technical and economical study

2. Line engineering advice to your engineering firm or new works department
- Definition and optimization of the equipment layout
- Management of flows (fluids, materials, people...)
- Support during the reception and layout of the equipment

3. Support for the installation and start-up of the line
- Advice from a process expert on the capacities and suitability of the equipment delivered
- Organization of industrial tests on the line
- Training of personnel in the new technologies
- Monitoring of the first productions
- Post-start-up advice

4. Performance validation
We measure process parameters to evaluate the performance of your industrial tools.


Advice on your technologies and equipment

Do you need specific advice on a technology or equipment?
Call on our expertise: our engineers bring you their experience and knowledge of the network.