Industrial investments
and new units

Do you have a project that requires the creation of new units or new industrial investments? We are aware that depending on the size of your company and the scope of your project, the stakes are different. This is why we offer two types of support services.


Pre-study of the technical and economic feasibility of your product

This solution is suitable for small companies or creators, for projects concerning a small workshop, for projects that are already advanced, requiring support on a technical point, arbitration between several solutions or securing your choice. The study takes place over 4 days. We help you to consolidate your business plan on the financial and technical aspects:

  • Definition of equipment requirements and approach to investment costs
  • Definition of building space requirements through an industrial master plan
  • Budgetary outline of the construction or restructuring of a building with the help of a specialized engineering firm
  • Approach to production personnel costs.

The industrialization study

This solution is for you if you have a large project, for which it is necessary to advance in stages.

We study with you the definition of the industrial master plan, the processes, the technologies (with or without tests), the consultation of suppliers and the costing, until the start-up of your line.

The service includes, in detail:

- assistance with investment decisions
- definition of the process diagram and parameters
- search for solutions and production of technical specifications
- technical and economic study
- advice on line engineering from your engineering firm or new works department
- definition and optimization of equipment layout
- management of flows (fluids, materials, people, etc.))
- support during the reception and installation of the equipment
- support during the installation and start-up of the line
- advice from a process expert on the capacities and suitability of the equipment delivered
- organization of industrial tests on line
- training of personnel in the new technologies
- follow-up of the first productions
- post start-up advice
- performance validation
- measurement campaign of the process parameters allowing the evaluation of the performance of the industrial tools.