Agribusiness management training

Within the framework of its training offer in agri-food management, the CTCPA trains you in management and skills management. Faced with the constraints of the market, agri-food companies must constantly improve their productivity and their reactivity in order to respect costs, deadlines, quality and production quantities. Our management and skills management training courses will enable you to gain in productivity by revealing the potential of each member of your teams.


Our training offer in agri-food management and skills management

We offer a complete catalog of training courses:

-Manage and lead a team on a daily basis
-Build and lead an internal training program
-Succeed in the professional interview
-Succeeding in your integration process: being a tutor in the company
-Local management (level 1 and 2)
-Communicating and managing in a transversal function
The tools of industrial performance in small and medium-sized companies.

Our training offer evolves every year, as we adapt our contents to the evolution of the food industry news, regulations, technical developments and research, as well as to the feedback from our trainees.


How are the trainings conducted?

Whatever our training in agri-food management, it can take place on site (Paris, Nantes, Amiens, Auch, Avignon, Montpellier, Mont-de-Marsan, Bourg-en-Bresse) or at a distance. They can also be carried out in-company. 


funding for your training

Some of our training courses can be labeled and financed through OCAPIAT schemes. This is the case for the following courses OCAPIAT VSE/SME catalogFor more information, consult our training catalog. Registration and complete programs are available via the webcatalogue platform.