Training - Leading a team at work

Knowing how to lead a team is essential today in order to accompany, follow and develop one's collaborators and to get the best out of each one in order to build a winning team on a daily basis. From conflict management to asserting one's leadership, a complete training course.




    Content of the training

  • Know yourself better to understand others
  • Situate yourself in your professional environment
  • Motivation techniques for leading a team
  • Welcome, support, train and empower
  • Delegation techniques: facilitating and regulating
  • Managing conflicts and tensions on a daily basis
  • From communication to leadership: playing your role as a proximity manager

This CQP training course teaches you how to lead a team!
At CTCPA, we believe incollective intelligence. We have developed a community approach that encourages synergy, creativity and innovation.

We feed off exchanges and the expectations of our customers, for whom we create dedicated teams to offer them a tailor-made service.
The fulfillment of our employees and well-being in the workplace is a core value of our CSR policy. Because we are convinced that trust and benevolence are the pillars of optimal service quality.

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