Training - Fruit processing (Avignon)

Learn about fruit processing at the CTCPA! Manufacturing processes, ingredients and functionality, regulations...



  • To know the manufacturing process, the manufacturing incidents and how to remedy them
  • Know the ingredients of juices, compotes and coulis and explain their role and functionality
  • Know how to produce a juice, a compote and a coulis
  • Know the regulations and controls


  • Active and participative pedagogy.
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions.
  • Lectures, slide shows, exercises and practical work in the technology hall
  • Lunch meetings with the speakers
  • Provision of documentation and training materials
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees
  • Issuance of a certificate of training

    Content of the training

  • The regulation
  • The raw materials
  • The ingredients
  • Stabilization of acid products
  • Formulation and calculation of the industrial yield
  • Manufacturing: theory and realization in a technological hall
  • Manufacturing incidents
  • The controls

Would you like to make fruit-based products? The CTCPA, Centre technique de la Conservation des Produits Agricoles, offers a training course in fruit processing. What are the ingredients in juices, compotes and coulis? What are their roles and functions? This course will teach you how to produce different juice, compote and coulis recipes, and provide you with an exhaustive overview of the regulations and controls governing fruit processing.

This course is held in Avignon and Nantes.

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