Training - Food safety culture (Avignon)



  • Understanding the concept of food safety culture
  • Know how to implement the principles in your company
  • Know how to use self-diagnosis tools
  • Set up an action plan


  • Active and participative pedagogy
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions
  • Presentations, slide shows, quizzes
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees
  • Issuance of a training certificate

    Content of the training

  • Definition of Food safety culture / culture sécurité des aliments
  • Context and issues of the approach
  • The requirements of the standards
  • The GFSI Guide: The 5 Guidelines
  • How to build a plan to develop and improve the food safety culture?
  • What are the associated concepts? What is being competent?
  • The self-diagnostic tool Food safety culture designed by the CTCPA
  • How to communicate, train and empower your staff

How to build your "food safety culture" development and improvement plan with this training developed by our experts. And understand our self-diagnosis tool to implement your action plan within your company.