Training - Good hygiene practices for maintenance teams ( Avignon)



  • Restore the good hygiene practices related to maintenance interventions
  • Cite the concepts of hygienic design of equipment


  • Active and participative pedagogy
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions
  • Presentations, slide shows, quizzes
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees
  • Provision of documentation and training materials
  • Issuance of a training certificate

    Content of the training

  • The challenges of the company
  • The dangers
  • Generic aspects
  • The equipment
  • Maintenance interventions
  • Hygiene in maintenance: Vigilance and reactivity
  • The field audit

Avignon's CTCPA invites you to join the Good Hygiene Practices training for maintenance teams.

This training course on good hygiene practices will enable you to learn the generic aspects and find out more about maintenance interventions.

Your food safety control procedures involve a number of stages which must be scrupulously followed to guarantee food safety for its intended use.

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