Training - Lactofermentation: key points in the production of fermented vegetables (Dijon, Beauvais, Avignon)

The CTCPA's vegetable fermentation training course aims to teach you the mechanisms of lacto-fermentation, to identify the critical points for the quality of the products in order to ensure their sanitary safety and conservation, and to understand and apply the lacto-fermentation process on your vegetables.



  • Explain the mechanisms of lacto-fermentation of vegetable products
  • Identify the critical points for product quality, safety & preservation
  • Understand and apply the lacto-fermentation process to vegetables in practice


  • Active and participative pedagogy.
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions.
  • Presentations, slide shows, practical exercises.
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees.
  • Provision of documentation and training materials.
  • Evaluation of the trainees' knowledge by questionnaire or case study
  • Issuance of a certificate of training

    Content of the training

  • Regulatory status
  • Fermentation of plant products
  • Microbiological risks of fermentation of plant products
  • The key points of fermentation control
  • Manufacturing in a pilot plant: practical case

Come and discover our lacto-fermentation training course for plant products. This course is available in Avignon, Beauvais and Dijon.

The CTCPA offers this training course to help you discover the lacto-fermentation food preservation process.

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