Training - Technical criteria for choosing food packaging

Packaging of food products: The choice of packaging is a crucial step in your process! At the end of this training, you will know the different packaging, the functions and the related constraints. Thanks to its product-process-packaging expertise, the CTCPA also trains you in packaging techniques, regulatory issues related to food safety and control of product-process-packaging adequacy.



  • To know the parameters to take into account when choosing the packaging of food products
  • Know the different characteristics of plastic materials (synthetic and biodegradable)
  • Know how to translate your needs into specifications
  • Know how to critically analyze suppliers' data sheets
  • To reason the choice of the packaging according to the characteristics of the product, the technique of conditioning, the regulatory requirements, the cost...


  • Active and participative pedagogy.
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions.
  • Presentations, slideshows, exercises -Lunches with the speakers -Validation of knowledge by MCQs and/or case studies
  • Provision of documentation and training materials
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees -
  • Issuance of a certificate of training

    Content of the training

  • The different plastic packaging
  • Functions and constraints related to packaging and conditioning
  • The main synthetic or biodegradable plastic materials and characteristics
  • Packaging techniques
  • Regulatory issues related to food safety and environmental constraints
  • Control of the adequacy Packaging-Product-Process

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