Training - Formulation and pasteurization of ready-made meals (Nantes)

The CTCPA trains you to pasteurize products.



  • Mastering the formulation of pasteurized ready meals
  • To know the technological aspects of heat treatment
  • To better understand the problems of packaging and equipment


  • Active and participative pedagogy
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions
  • Lectures, slide shows, exercises and practical work in the technology hall
  • Lunch meetings with the speakers
  • Validation of acquired knowledge by MCQ and/or case study
  • Provision of documentation and training materials
  • Issuance of a certificate of training

    Content of the training

  • The context of refrigerated pasteurized products
  • The microbiological principles on which pasteurization is based
  • Thermal treatments of pasteurization
  • Product formulation
  • Technical solutions for packaging
  • The equipment
  • Controls of compliance with the regulations
  • Realization of practical work in a technological hall

The CTCPA offers you a training course in pasteurization of ready-made meals, including formulation and preparation, in Nantes!

A comprehensive course on the preparation of pasteurized ready-made meals, covering product formulation, the technological aspects of heat treatment, packaging and equipment issues, not forgetting regulatory compliance checks. The course also enables participants to take a step back and consider the advantages and limitations of pasteurization. This course is held in Nantes and Avignon.

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