Training - Development of batch heat treatment scales (Nantes)

CTCPA trains you to develop batch heat treatment schedules.



  • Explain how heat penetrates products and packaging and the critical factors.
  • Know how to measure the temperature in the core of the package.
  • Know how to calculate a sterilizing/cooking value and identify the different methods.
  • Identify ways to optimize a scale while taking into account the safety and quality of the products


  • Active and participative pedagogy.
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions.
  • Lectures, slide shows, exercises and practical work in the technology hall
  • Lunch meetings with the speakers
  • Validation of acquired knowledge by MCQ and/or case study
  • Provision of documentation and training materials
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees
  • Issuance of a certificate of training

    Content of the training

  • Definition of appertized products
  • Influence of heat on microorganisms
  • Sterilizing and pasteurizing values
  • Measurement of temperature changes in products
  • Methods for establishing sterilization schedules
  • Cooking values
  • Study of concrete cases

CTCPA, experts in heat treatment, offer a training course in Nantes focusing on the development of batch heat treatment schedules.

The influence of heat on microorganisms, sterilizing/pasteurizing values, temperature trends... you'll learn all there is to know about heat treatment schedules through case studies!

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