Training - Vacuum cooking and pasteurization in flexible packaging (Beauvais)

The CTCPA trains you in vacuum cooking and pasteurization in flexible packaging!



  • To know the ins and outs of vacuum cooking, the advantages, the limits.
  • Be able to implement and manage vacuum cooking according to the nature of the product


  • Active and participative pedagogy.
  • Exchange of experiences and discussions.
  • Lectures, slide shows, exercises and practical work in the technology hall
  • Lunch meetings with the speakers
  • Provision of documentation and training materials
  • Evaluation of the course by the trainees
  • Issuance of a training certificate

    Content of the training

  • The cooking and pasteurization under vacuum
  • The prerequisites for sous-vide cooking
  • Practical aspects: The material, the packaging and the temperature taking
  • Exercise of practical applications
  • Pitfalls to avoid

The CTCPA offers you flexible packaging pasteurization and sous-vide cooking training in Nantes and Beauvais!

A complete training course to master vacuum cooking and pasteurization in flexible packaging. Real-time tests and trials in our technology hall are a plus for understanding all the practical aspects of equipment, packaging and temperature control. This vacuum cooking course is held in Nantes.

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