Labeling of canned goods: the regulations

THE REGULATION (EU) 1169/2011 concerning the information of the consumers on foodstuffs (INCO) defines the compulsory labelling mentions. The CTCPA, Technical Center for the Preservation of Agricultural Products, offers you a summary of the regulations on food labeling and especially on canned food. Download the summary sheet in PDF : CTCPA sheet - labelling of canned food


Labelling of canned food: other information that may appear

THE NAME OF SALEwhich defines the product. This name can be legal (e.g. jam, truffle products, foie gras products, ...), usual (governed by codes of practice such as the decisions of the CTCPA) or descriptive.
THE LIST OF INGREDIENTSin descending order of weight (including additives and flavors). Allergenic ingredients should be highlighted.
THE QUANTITY OF CERTAIN INGREDIENTS , e.g. those highlighted on the packaging or in the sales description.
THE INDICATION OF THE NET WEIGHT, if the product is presented in a liquid cover, (in the respect of the codes of use if they exist.)
THE MINIMUM SUSTAINABILITY DATE (DDM), expressed in the form "to consume preferably before...". These mentions must appear in all letters. The validation of this date is the responsibility of the canner, it depends on its product, its packaging....
THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE OPERATORunder whose name the food is marketed.
THE MANUFACTURING LOT NUMBER, so as to guarantee traceability
THE NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION, including the energy value; the quantity of fats, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and saltThis can be completed, on a voluntary basis, by the Nutri-score. Exemptions for small quantities are possible.
The ORIGINfor certain foodstuffs such as meat or milk or if its omission would be likely to mislead the consumer.
The ORIGIN OF THE PRIMARY INGREDIENT.When the origin of a foodstuff is indicated on the label and it differs from the origin of its primary ingredient, the indication of the origin of the ingredient in question becomes mandatory.  


Labelling of canned food: other information that may appear

Some are regulatory (e.g.: mentions related to the presence of certain ingredients) and others affixed for marketing purposes under the responsibility of the canner, attention some are regulated (e.g.: organic) and in general they must not be unfair or misleading to the consumer. 

The placing on the market of a canned food product whose labelling is not in conformity is not authorized and may be subject to sanctions